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Enterprise Intelligence and Analysis Platform

Threat Hunter™ by Point Duty™ is new insight for every organisation, combining our expertise in data collection, connection and integration into our intelligence and analysis platform. The Threat Hunter™ platform is the ultimate enterprise analysis suite with automated search, collection, enrichment and monitoring of structured and unstructured data from multiple sources to derive actionable intelligence.

Threat Hunter™ integrates multiple internal and external data sources, including SIEM, Email, OSINT or any other information repository, including the i2 EIA InfoStore and iBase.

Threat Hunter™ enables analysts and investigators to search and access these sources for relevant data via an HTML5 Web browser or from directly within the IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook chart.

Capture, Enrich and Integrate

Threat Hunter™ is an immediate fit into the Intelligence Cycle and gives all investigators and analyst’s a Common Operational Picture across all connected data.

The range data integration and automation of data capture and processing shortens the time to the production of viable intelligence products.

Collate evidence and investigate behaviours

Threat Hunter™ can provide investigators and analyst’s with enriched intelligence including:

  • Matched Content
  • Evidence
  • Files of Interest
  • Keywords
  • Locations
  • Images
  • Persons of Interest
  • Mention of Assets


Threat Hunter™ is built in Point Duty’s InMedias Framework. The flexibility of the InMedias means that the core Threat Hunter™ components can be extended as required to met operational and investigation needs.

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