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Geospatial Solutions

Solutions for IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook

Point Duty adds enhanced ESRI powered GIS capabilities to IBM’s i2 Analyst’s Notebook – creating powerful visual displays of geographical data from any i2 Chart. Point Duty’s GIS is designed to be simple to use, with drag and drop functionality and simple pull down menus to access powerful analytical features, such as viewshed and heat mapping.

The ESRI edition is our featured geospatial toolkit allowing full ESRI and ESRI portal functionality to i2 Analyst’s Notebook. The addition of geospatial features to i2 ANB allows for visualisation and analysis of geotagged chart elements, adding an analysis toolbox. Visualisation features include buffer queries, clustering, heat maps and route finding. Geocoding features enable address lookup. The ESRI edition features a persistent two-way connection to the ESRI portal allowing seamless workflows during investigations.

Recent updates have added additional functionality – we now have IBM iBase connector and query functionality, syncing between the chart elements and map elements, cloning features, shape queries and much, much more.

 The Defence Edition builds on the feature set of Standard Edition with added functionality for defence applications, such as offline functionality, geo temporal features, military symbology (MIL-STD-2525D) and non-nomination reverse geocode. GIS Defence Edition features enhanced visualisation tools, such as range, terrain masking, boolean shapes and functions, ellipse accuracy and more connectivity options with GPK and WKT (Well Known Text) compatibility.

 The OSM edition exclusively utilises the Open Street Map service for visualisation of geotagged information from IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook charts. The OSM edition is configured to use the OSM map, BING or Google maps.

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